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Singing the 123s


Ok, we’re still at it — counting. Slowly.

Learning numbers begins with memorizing numbers and it’s hard - it takes children years to grasp one and two digit numbers. One of the most interesting and entertaining ways to teach kids any topic is through music.

Music is deeply rooted in both our conscious and unconscious brain. One of the most powerful, yet saddest, ways to witness the relationship between music and memory is in Alzheimer patients who seemingly come back to life when they hear the songs that shaped their lives. I’ve witnessed my own grandparents go through Alzheimer’s /Dementia, losing almost all their memory and recollection but able to sing their favorite songs as soon as they came on.

Just watch this video to see the magical connection between music and memory - warning, tears likely.

Ok - thanks for allowing me to digress, let’s get back to counting.

There are so many cheesy songs out there about counting that will drive you up the wall but there are good ones, I promise. Here are some great songs that will deeply root these simple numbers into their brains:

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